Scott J. Couturier



Fickle sprite of middle air: your blue hair

& azure eyes dazzle me to delight.

I spot the surplice of sunlight you wear,

sparkling as you spin in dizzying flight:

a crown of acorn for your elfin brow,

stout sword of thistle-sting strung at your side.

I see you strut upon a willow bough,

then – disappear! with effervescent glide.

Ever have I craved the Perilous Call,

hearkened for Mab’s overture, stood in rings

of mushroom on eves when evil things crawl,

yet no sight have I had – save of your wings!

Fitful faerie of cloud, zephyr’s fair child;

you vanish, but my soul remains beguiled.


“Zephyr’s Fair Child” ©  Scott J. Couturier.  This poem was first published here in Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, on October 21 , 2020
Scott J. Couturier is a poet & prose writer of the Weird,  grotesque, liminal, & darkly fantastic. His work has appeared in  numerous venues, including The Audient Void, Spectral Realms, Eye To  The Telescope, Eternal Haunted Summer, Space and Time Magazine, &  Weirdbook; his fiction has been repeatedly featured in the Test  Patterns & Pulps anthologies from Planet X Publications. He currently  lives an obscure reverie in the wilds of northern Michigan with his  partner/live-in editor & two cats.

“Autumn Leaves”, 1911, by Franklin Booth
detail from”Spirit of the Night”, 1879, by Grimshaw,
detail from “Dame Autumn Has a Mournful Dace”, 1871, by Grimshaw

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