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Stories, Podcasts, Interviews, and Articles, 2021:


New Story

December 28, 2021 in Fantasy

“Ghost Blue, Ghost Red”
by Malda Marlys


The world was lousy with monsters. That much Remembrance Wilson took on faith. This town, though, was tense enough with haunting that even the vultures following Remmy’s wagon peeled off early.

Town wasn’t a good prospect. Too many twitchy fingers hovered too near triggers for comfort. Amazing how many people would try to shoot a spook. Remmy gave some honest thought to passing right through, saving her show for the next outpost.

But Dr. Bombastus’s Invigorating Tonic waited for no ghost.




New Fantasy Story



November 27, 2021, in Fantasy

by Simbiat Haroun


The band of murderers had been dealt with.  The Goddess Yemoja sat silent, cooling her boiling blood.

The sight of the little messenger mermaid, with her slim strands of dreadlocks dancing gracefully about her, soothed Yemoja.

“Great One, the water has brought another foolish swimmer in from the river.”

“The water brings many such. Why tell me of one more?”

“This one is a marvel. She is not drowning.”

Yemoja straightened. “Take me to this marvel.”



New Fantasy poem
for Hallowe’en


Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores

October 31, 2021,  in  Fantasy

“The Waiting Shade”

by Casey Laine

Don’t stray out onto the moor at night…


New Story

Happy Hallowe’en



October 29, 2021,  in  Fantasy


by Steve Oden


The pumpkin competition at the Tempest Fall Fair was a bit different than most.

And raising those pumpkins involved a few unusual techniques.

New Story


October 28, 2021 in Eldritch

“The Omaha Zephyr”
by Terri Karsten


Bryce was a modern, no-nonsense young man of the 1890’s.

Until he took the Omaha Zephyr.




A New Story

In Science Fiction

April 27, 2021, in Science Fiction

“One Good Turn… “
by Alan K. Baker

Varin stared out the viewport.  Their crash site was a tortured landscape strewn with bizarrely wind-sculpted boulders. Rain sleeted past in near-horizontal sheets and hammered the ship’s hull. Above the twisted horizon, thick banks of gunmetal clouds seethed like smoke, sculpted into outrageous shapes by the roaring, howling, relentless wind. 

And  one of the hills was growing briefly, then diminishing, like a grey, warped balloon inflating and deflating… or a lung breathing in and out.


A Reprise

In Science Fiction

March 31, 2021, in Science Fiction

“When I Close My Eyes”
by Chris Barnham


The rock fall killed me.

I just didn’t know how long it would take to die.


New Interview


February 17, 2021, in Reviews and Interviews

  Our Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales editor, Leena, interviewed  Ekpeki Oghnechovwe Donald, co-editor of Dominion, a collection of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative stories told from African and African American perspectives spanning time and space. 

In creating their own venue that allows their innate powers of expression free play, this anthology introduces a wider audience to voices that enrich the genre they represent.


New Story for Young People of All Ages


January 30, 2021, in Stories for Young People of All Ages

“The Water Buffalo, the Wanderer, and the Prince”
by Sam Muller

Once upon a time, in a faraway land where people had skins as blue as the sea and hair as white as moonlight, where animals could speak in human words but few humans any longer listened, there lived a girl called Ambha.

Ambha was a human who did listen.​


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