Otherworldly encounters,

beyond the pale,




mysteries of the night and the mind,

slipping between the spaces.

        Here for the Reading, 20 17:

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August 28, 2017, Eldritch, “The Glanconer”,, by LJ McLeod


It was too wild, all jagged rocks and sun-bleached driftwood. But it suited me, this beach and this night, a night one could believe in monsters….

Just as the last of the sun disappeared I saw him. He emerged from the grey waves dripping wet and perfect. His hair was black as sin and his pale skin shone like the moon. His body was slender and his face all strange angles, but he was heartbreakingly beautiful. My Irish grandma had told me the old stories and I could see the danger — but his fathomless black eyes fastened on me, ensnared me.


May 31, 2017, Eldritch The Undine & Pain’s Brother“. by Lucia Iglesias

The Undine is a pain-artist  In the perpetual dusk that haunts the caverns, she strains the shadows for prey, seeking her next masterpiece.
The stranger who sweeps from the shadows, his smile pale and puckered as a scar, his breath spiced with smoked marrow and charred bones, offers her a spoilt city to paint in pain, on one small condition,


Feb. 25, 2017: Eldritch:”Hollows”, by Emmett Schlenz



He was singing another song to the rusted chain dangling from the ceiling when a black hole opened in his chest. It sucked his heart out from behind his ribcage and he knew with a ghost’s certainty, with the instinctual sympathy between the dead and those close to death, that his brother was dying. He had not seen Michael, hadn’t been able to see another human being, since the day he died bloody in the street, listening to the screeching of wheels on concrete.





Jan. 9, 2017: Eldritch: “Sheila Slinkypaw and the Penguin”, by by Kevin J. Guhl

Gene concerned me.  He never spoke, didn’t seem to breathe,  never took off his head.





Happy New Year Everyone. We hope 2017 will be a good year for us all.

Here for the Reading, 2016

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Mr. Pony pic 5

Hallowe’en 2016, Eldritch “Mr. Pony”,  by Stephen S. Power

The bus wheezes to a stop, the door squeaks open, and Mr. Pony trots on.

This time, the bus isn’t empty.

All the way in back, a skull mask peeks out of the last seat.

He’s always there, you just can’t always see him.

Happy Hallowe’enWendigo jagged eyes


MOctober 4, 2016: Eldritch: “My Heart Is a Prayer”, by Ryan Row

My heart is a prayer. My heart is a temple, is a church to an absent god. Is an egg for all the misery of the universe…


June 18, 2016: Eldritch: “The Rental Heart”, by Kirsty Logan





Feb 28, Eldritch: “The Clockwork Sky“, by Alexandra Davydova, translated by Anatoly Belilovsky.

Repairing the World, one page at a time…


And here is the story in the original Russian version:

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Feb. 14,Eldritch,”Lunatic“, by Kate O’Connor Photograph,

Oh, what the moon can do to you…


“She, Eidolon”, ©Jennifer Rhoades Photograph of Moon © Wyldraven




artifact of a ghost peterle

Jan 23, 2016, Eldritch:  “Tryst”, by Brian K. Lowe —

Why don’t you forsake me, oh my darling?



photos of women © Peter Allert photo of stairway © stengchen photo of candle © Jeet Sen



WendigoJanuary 4, 2016:  Eldritch:The Wendigo”, by Algernon Blackwood, illustrated by Cathal Hanlon and Alexandre Mahboubi.  The classic, chilling tale.