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Science Fiction

Assistant Editor: John Eckelkamp  — John Eckelkamp is a Montessori teacher with over twenty years of experience; he specializes in teaching science to all ages. Prior to teaching, he worked for the Houston SPCA where he did rescue work and provided exotic animal care, including an African lion and an American cougar. With a father and uncle who worked for NASA and a member of his writing group being an astronaut, his life has been deeply involved with space flight. As a young boy John used to play with the buttons in Mission Control between space flights.  sciencefictioneditor@cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com

Editorial Assistant:

Tyra Tanner (also reads for fantasy) — Tyra Tanner has a not-so-secret obsession with the written word. It all began when she read Ender’s Game as a youth, and since then, her love for speculative fiction has only grown. Her short fiction has been seen in Aphelion, 365 Tomorrows, and SQ Mag. When she isn’t writing or playing with her two daughters, she enjoys gardening and slacklining. Learn more at tyratanner.com or @tyratrix.

First Readers:

Warren Brown

Douglas Dluzen — During the day Douglas is a geneticist and studies the genetic factors of aging and age-related disease. He also examines biological risk factors that contribute to health disparities in the US. At night, Douglas writes science fiction short stories and novels. He lives in Baltimore with his wife, dog, cat, and dreams of becoming a full-time teaching faculty to teach science . His blog on science and writing is called Following the Ripples in Time and he can be found on Twitter at @ripplesintime24.

Wayne Martin —  Grew up in Southern New Jersey; Started racing small sailboats at age 8;  B.A. in Physics and Mathematics, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography; Developed technologies for various military projects for twenty years; Consulted for a decade on the transition of technology from early stages to higher maturity; Now transitioning to writing full time, living in Annapolis MD with two dogs and a wife;  Still racing sailboats (somewhat larger ones)

Lisa Timpf  —   Lisa Timpf is a retired HR and Communications professional. Her interest in the environment, climate change, and nature often shape the themes of her stories and poems. Timpf’s creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry have appeared in a variety of venues, including three Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, Scifaikuest, Third Flatiron, New Myths, and science fiction anthologies The Dogs of War and A Thousand Words for War. You can find her on Goodreads.

David Bruns — David is not currently reading for us as he and his writing partner have just signed a two-book deal to write thrillers with St. Martin’s Press.  Congratulations David!

Shari Levine —  Shari Levine, born and raised in NYC, is a mathematics teacher by day, writer by any other time she can spare. She has a particular love of apocalyptic science fiction, and hopes to help continue the tradition of scientists and mathematicians producing high quality fiction.



James Conan

Lee Melling — Lee currently lives in the East of England, UK, and has moved around the country. He has a BA in English and Philosophy, and another in Law. When not reading, writing or being emotionally blackmailed by his elongated hound for treats, he works for a legal charity that supports victims of crime.




Editor Casey Honebrink  —  Casey has taught French and ESL, and now works at a large metropolitan library, which makes sense, as she has always loved books. Descended from a long line of talkative women, she parlays this abundance of words into her epic fantasy project. She co-manages the Writers Assembled writing group on Facebook. Her other interests include gardening, naturalism, and amateur photography, specializing in Lepidoptera — which is to say she chases butterflies and moths with her camera phone at any opportunity!  You can find her at fantasyeditor@cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com, ohiobutterfly.deviantart.com and at facebook.com/casey.honebrink.

Editorial Assistants:

Joel Roosa —  Joel has been reading since age three, but nobody still alive can verify that, including himself.  He definitely read sci-fi/fantasy starting at age five and has never stopped, except for those times he tries to write it.  And while driving.  A child of the sixties, he frequently laments the death of Saturday morning cartoons.  Out loud, to any who will listen.  Joel has been in publishing much of his life, mostly in the warehouses.  He, his wife, and their two children call Pennsylvania home.  His short fiction has been seen in this very magazine.
When asked for bio update or suggestions he said: “No pictures or bio updates until my latest genetic mutation stabilizes. I’m hoping for energy-beam eyes this time. My only suggestion is for caffeine-infused drinks transmitted via wi-fi.”

Amy Fontaine —  As a wildlife biologist, Amy Fontaine has recorded wolf howls in Yellowstone National Park, observed hyena behavior in Kenya, filmed the waggle dances of honey bees in Michigan, and followed whales on the open ocean. As a writer, she frequently draws inspiration from nature, as well as from visions of unicorns, spaceships, and suchlike. Amy also enjoys traveling, stargazing, drawing, playing guitar, and reading anything and everything she can. You can find Amy’s published writings at https://amyfontaine.wordpress.com.

First Readers:

Raluca Balasa   —  Raluca Balasa is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nevada, Reno, where she also works as a teaching assistant. Her approach to writing is character-oriented, often dealing with love-hate relationships, antiheroes, and antagonists who make you agree with them. Her short work has appeared in Andromeda, Spaceways, Aurealis, and Fantasy Scroll Magazine. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing the piano or spilling things.

Innocent Ilo —  In between receiving tonnes of rejections from cat-adoption agencies, Innocent still finds time to read, write, tweet and massage his fragile ego.  He is twenty years old and lives in Nigeria.

Sarah Moola


–  Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales:

Assistant editor: Doc Finegold  —  A.K.A.  Robert B Finegold, MD, Doc is a radiologist in Maine who began as an English Creative Writing major with a love of Jewish mysticism and folklore. mythseditor@cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com, Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/robertbfinegold/  His author’s page is robertbfinegold.author@gmail.com

Editorial Assistant:

Leena Naidoo (also reads for Fantasy)  —  writes cross-genre suspense, romance and dabbles in sci-fi/fantasy. She also reads the tarot. Her short stories have appeared in  Mad Scientist Journal, _SciPhi Journal, and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. She now writes episodic fiction, Quest For The Wholly Pale, for Fiction Vortex. Find her work at Smashwords iTunes, B&N, Fiction Vortex and other eBook outlets. Her books include Settle Down Now and Here Be Monsters. She wanted to be a witch when she was little, but decided to be a writer instead. She loves blogging about totally random things at www.leennanaidoo.wordpress.com and www.leennascreativebox.wordpress.com.

First Reader:

Kristina Mottla (also reads for Fantasy and Eldritch) Kristina Mottla’s stories and poems have appeared in Ghost Parachute, Barnstorm, Poetry Quarterly, The Airgonaut, Potomac Review, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Hartskill Review, Jersey Devil Press, The Raintown Review, and elsewhere. Find her on Twitter: @kristina_mottla


–  Eldritch:

Assistant EditorAaron Gudmunson   — Aaron Gudmunson is the author of the novels Snow Globe and Emma Tremendous (as A.D. Goodman) and a collection of dark fiction/essays entitled From the Dusklands. The Slingerman, a novel of horror, is due for publication in 2017. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including ApexDark Moon Digest, and Dead Harvest: 50 Terrifying Tales. Aaron lives in the Chicagoland area but can more easily be found online at www.aarongudmunson.com. eldritcheditor@cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com

First Readers:

Dirck de Lint

Chris Yona —  Leased by two small children, Chris ‘Kit’ Yona writes in the scant few minutes when he isn’t running the family business, freelance editing/writing, playing hockey, or training in martial arts. His short work has appeared in Stupefying Stories, Mythic Magazine, Femme Actuelle, One Sentence Story Anthology, Zathom, and the Amazon #1 bestselling anthology Machine of Death. He can be found at https://www.facebook.com/chris.yona and http://thekitastrophe.blogspot.com/ .


Emily Eisemann
Lauren Delaney


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Science Editor: Douglas Dluzen — Doug writes our Science News and Information column, and is also one of our first readers for science fictionDuring the day Douglas is a geneticist and studies the genetic factors of aging and age-related disease. He also examines biological risk factors that contribute to health disparities in the US. At night, Douglas writes science fiction short stories and novels. He lives in Baltimore with his wife, dog, cat, and dreams of becoming a full-time teaching faculty to teach science . His blog on science and writing is called Following the Ripples in Time and he can be found on Twitter at @ripplesintime24.  scienceeditor@cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com

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