Launch date: Midnight, New Year’s Eve, 2015 – 2016

About Us

These are the pages of Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.  Our Mission…  is to explore our universe and its wild eldritch shores, to seek out new writers and story forms, to boldly go through time, mind, and the cosmos.

Here are stories and art — classic and new, imagination and fact, serious and humorous —  from around the world and throughout time, our own special brew and broad-spectrum formulation for young and old, of words, artwork, graphic novels, videos, animation, and podcasts in…


Science fiction  —  hard as steel, soft as velvet, electrifying as lightning, solid as gold, insubstantial as interstellar near-vacuum; from space opera, steampunk, AU, cyber, to humorous

Fantasy — AU, epic, historical, urban, magical realism, steampunk,

Myths, legends, fairy tales — ancient original versions and present day reworkings, from all times and parts of the world.

Eldritch  —  otherworldly encounters, beyond the pale, ghostly, eerie, uncanny, mysteries of the night and the mind, slipping between the spaces.


We have resources and helpful articles for writers and artists, interviews, competitions, and reviews of books, movies, music, fan events, and cosplay.

We love fact as well as fiction.  We have articles and links to a few of the fascinating facts of our world and surrounding universe.